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I have a barn can I convert it?

Give us a call,  regulation that first came into use on 6th April 2014 (which have recently been updated) mean that existing agricultural buildings can be converted into a variety of uses including residential without the need of a full planning application.

Do I need planning permission for my domestic project?

Some projects do not require planning permission. The Atelier 3 team can advise you on the likely need for a planning approval for your project based on our initial site assessment whether it is a just a quick phone call or as part of a site visit.

Give us a call and try the Interactive House tool on the The Planning Portal website.

What is the difference between planning permission and building regulation approvals?

A Planning Permission establishes the principle of development and whether it meets national and local planning policy.

The Building Regulations cover the functional requirements of a building, energy conservation and safeguards the health and safety of the people using them both for access and convenience for people with disabilities.

The Atelier 3 team can assist you through the process of gaining the necessary approvals and which ones apply to your project.

Can I build a new house in the open countryside?

If you don’t ask you don’t get!  There are a lot of things changing within the planning arena. The Atelier 3 team will give you an honest opinion of the various levels of success for your dream.

What can the architect bring to my project?

As an RIBA Chartered Practice in Cornwall we provide a service that extends well beyond producing a set of drawings, we can bring value for money, imagination and peace of mind. To see how working with an architect can be your best investment please view our website then click this link and give us a call.

You’re a RIBA Chartered Architectural Practice, is our project too small for you?

We do not limit our architecture and design approach to a particular style, type or scale of project. Talk to us!

I have a site and I want to build… but don’t know where to start?

The ultimate success of your project depends on the quality of your brief, the Atelier 3 team can help you to define:

  • What you want to build
  • Your aims
  • Your design style: Are you looking for a design in keeping with an existing building? Do you want a contemporary or high-tech design?  At Atelier 3 we pride ourselves in that no project design is the same as the next. The project is bespoke to you.
  • Your reasons for embarking on this project: what activities are intended for it?
  • Your overall expectations: What do you want to achieve by this project?  How much do you want it all to cost?

The process that the Atelier 3 team will take you through will assist you in making the tough decision whilst making the process affordable, accessible and enjoyable!

Is my budget big enough?

At Atelier 3 we pride ourselves in providing affordable and accessible quality architecture for all budgets. Through an early and honest dialogue with you the Atelier 3 team are able to advise you on likely budget costs and  professional and statutory costs for a variety of project outcomes.

How can I make my project green and sustainable?

The Atelier 3 team have a wealth of experience in delivering green and highly sustainable projects.

When required we have a network of consultants and specialists who work with us to achieve your aims.

Whats are my responsibilities under Health and Safety?

For the latest information check here